Why Anderton Photography?

Do you love the little moments?

The intimate moments?

Moments that are truly remarkable? 

 Anderton Photography is dedicated to making photographs that are just as surprising, unexpected, and emotional as every couple we get to work with.  We get the honor of documenting the most exhilarating, expressive, and wild moments of each couples life.  

If you live for the details, the raw & pure awesomeness of love & the color it adds to the world…then we might be just who you have been searching for!


What We Believe & Practice

  • Energetic, dynamic and passionate team of photographers
  • Timeless and narrative images that truly tell your wedding story
  • As a male & female team, we present a unique opportunity for couples with the ability to provide uninterrupted photographic coverage of both the Bride and Groom during key moments of the big day.
  • We work with only a small specified number of couples every year.  This  guarantees that you are not just a number, but a truly memorable couple.
  • We take pride in the craft of photography, not being photoshop wizards.
  • There is no reason for you to wait longer than two weeks for your finished photographs!
  • We don't create your daywe capture it.  You are unique and excitingyour photos should reflect that.  


Please take the time to visit our weddings collection, and see for yourself how insanely awesome all of our couples are!