SLEEP WITH YOUR SHOES ON: quick thoughts for wedding vendors (and brides)


Don't be discouraged when you are bombarded by posts by vendors who have 80 weddings booked and you have 5. It's most likely not true anyway. It's called false hype. It gets attention. It gets brides buzzing. And it gets fellow colleagues jealous. If that guy posts everyday that he's got 100 weddings this year, he's most likely got 100 emails and 30 booked. Maybe. 
Or maybe that guy who's work and service is all that you think is wrong with the industry actually has 114 weddings booked. Good on him. Good on her. The chances of him cultivating a lasting relationship with that couple beyond the wedding day is very bleak. Focus intensely on your 5 brides. Make them believe, no, make them KNOW they are your most important clients you've ever had and ever will have. 
Be blessed and honored that you have 5 weddings and not 126. 
For the effort, time, energy and passion you can now devote to each one of your brides...that guy who's got 138, he can't even touch you. 
Photography, specifically, though I believe this applies to most any wedding professional, is not entirely about commerce. It's not entirely about service. But it is always entirely about relationships, a human to human experience. 
If you shoot one wedding a year...blow those clients, and yourself, out of the water. Find your best, and shatter it. Give that one bride, or 5 brides, the day and experience of their lives. Make them never forget you. Get home and sleep in your shoes because you don't have the energy left in you to untie them. 

Whatever you do, do it entirely. Do it intentionally. Do it wholeheartedly. And those 5 brides, they will turn into 10, and from those ten, you'll get 7 more. And always be happy with that.

And as for the guy pulling six figures with the 152 brides this season...good luck catching up with me...


UBUNTU, Do Life.