Kim & Alex

The Landmark Theatre - Syracuse, NY 

Alex has been a great friend of mine for many years. We spent many hours recording and writing music, much of which we still look back very fondly on. I was asked first to photograph this epic wedding, even before a date was set. I was soon after asked to be one of Alex's groomsmen. This was my first wedding I ever shot in a tuxedo! 

This was also our first wedding at The Landmark Theater. An Upstate NY icon, this venue was made for Alex & Kim, as the two originally met for the first time on a stage not far from the Landmark. 

Shooting this wedding actually started days before the big day. I was able to cover the rehearsal dinner, and much of the time leading up to the wedding day. For the betterment of all involved, and reasons not mentioned, a camera was not taken to the bachelor party!

The lovely Lauren Anderton gracefully orchestrated this entire event, with help from the wonderful Danielle at the Landmark.

A Moveable Feast was called upon to cater this one of a kind celebration, proving once again, they are the best of the best in the industry. 

What started as an engagement shoot at midnight in Tennessee, it was overwhelming at moments to see this day come together so beautifully.

This wedding was a special one for me, on many levels. Alex and Kim are two of the most deserving, good hearted people I know and it was an honor to not only photograph them, but be asked to stand with them, on that stage, in their committment & celebration of their new life together.

Their family gatherings surrounding the wedding day reminded me of the awesome gift of family. Their ceremony reminded me that to love is to dream, and to allow your lover to dream. Their friends reminded me that love has no color, religion, or yesterdays. And their wedding reminded me of why I chose to be a photographer in the first place. 





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