JEFF was born and raised in Central New York.  His passion for photography was initially fueled by his love of nature and wildlife, which he greatly attributes to his success as a wedding and events photographer.  His photographs of wildlife and the environment of Central New York have been displayed in local and state exhibitions.  

In 2009, after spending his first 16 months with a camera strictly in woods and swamps of the eastern US, Jeff was asked to be an assistant for a wedding, by Kelly (co-photographer of AP).  Shooting along side Kelly, Jeff quickly became consumed with the thrill, challenge, and excitement of photographing weddings.  

In June 2012, Anderton Photography was founded and hit the ground running.  Along with the success of Anderton Photography weddings, Jeff has an increasing list of commercial clients.  Jeff continues to further establish himself as a wedding and landscape photographer throughout the United States. After a year 'vacation' from weddings spent exploring in Colorado, Jeff currently is continuing his photographic career in the Richmond, Virginia area. Follow all of Jeff's other photographic endeavors at:

Photography courtesy of ANDERTON PHOTOGRAPHY