We arrived at 9 am at Alyssa and Rick's house, that they had moved into just 2 weeks prior. Greeted initially by the house guard puppy, Rosalie. I spent some time at the house with the ladies laughing and sharing stories. As it turns out, the entire bridal party, on the brides side, had known each other for an average of 15 years. It was also very impressive to learn that every one of the girls had successful and prestigious careers all over the country. While Kelly & Lauren spent the remainder of the beautiful morning with the girls, I wandered down to the OnCenter to photograph the expected shenanigans with the guys for a while. The wedding ceremony was held in Syracuse at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The cathedral was such a treat for me, being a lover of interior and architectural photography. While the guys waited anxiously in the back of the church I was able to sneak a few wide shots of the magnificent church while completely vacant. Lauren also displayed tremendous skill and creativity with a rather wide lens while at the church. The ceremony was moving, one of the most personal and touching I have ever witnessed. Personally, I typically never photograph receiving lines. However, the raw excitement of everybody greeting the bride and groom made it impossible not to grab at least a few shots of all the giant smiles and laughs. 

We made our way to Syracuse University, where Alyssa & Rick both graduated. The Hall of Languages would be our backdrop for quite a few classic posed and unexpected improvised photos.  Posing people for photographs has always been a weakness of mine, but luckily, Kelly and Lauren are frustratingly excellent as this! Our next stop was Upper Onondaga Park, a personal favorite. We immediately split up to grab as many images as possible. Kelly made some seriously classy images with the girls. Lauren got some cool, creative images of the guys.  I spent some time with the bride, which is usually Kelly's specialty, but I enjoyed very much. 

Back to the OnCenter we went for one of the most fun receptions we've ever photographed. At the entrance to the grand ballroom was a large and beautiful drawing created by one of Alyssa's students displayed for all to see. The host, from Jones Tones DJ service. On more than one occasion, there was not room for one more person on the dance floor! The night ended with the bride & groom surrounded by all their family and friends on the dance floor. This was truly a wedding that people will be talking about for years to come.  


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